CEDERLUND-TECH designs, manufactures and supplies industrial chains of quality and certified strength for abrasive and high temperature environments in cement plants and mining. Our products are designed and manufactured in stainless steel, cast steel, alloys and nylon for industries such as: mining, agroforestry, food processing and waste management with uhmw antistatic attachments for confined equipment.


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TECHNICAL CONTACT ENGINEERING: Patricio Pérez, Phone: +56 962297831

CHILE: Ruta H-30 N° 3663, Km. 15, Doñihue, VI Región.

Patio Industrial - Oficina A - Phone: +56 72 2743797

CANADÁ: 24-2000 Panorama Drive, Port Moody

BC Canadá V3H5J5, Phone: +1 (604)2278520