CEDERLUND-TECH offer the service of operation of local and / or remote plants, with personnel trained for the operation of industrial equipment and systems, with commitments of People Safety, Production Goals, and fulfillment of the commitments and Environmental Controls with the competent authority. This operation service may include, in the interests of the client, the Administration and Management of the Plant. The management of this service may be associated with Security, Productivity or other KPI goals that the client determines.


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TECHNICAL CONTACT ENGINEERING: Patricio Pérez, Phone: +56 962297831

CHILE: Ruta H-30 N° 3663, Km. 15, Doñihue, VI Región.

Patio Industrial - Oficina A - Phone: +56 72 2743797

CANADÁ: 24-2000 Panorama Drive, Port Moody

BC Canadá V3H5J5, Phone: +1 (604)2278520