CEDERLUND-TECH have qualified professionals and necessary resources to assume the functions of inspection of fabrication of structures and mechanical parts by customer's request. We have our protocols in place to carry out a rigorous and timely inspection service, keeping our client informed in advance of the physical progress of his orders and the specified quality. Our services offered include: dimensional analysis, non-destructive testing, measurement of thickness of paint in its different stages, inspection of pre-assembled in workshop, others.


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TECHNICAL CONTACT ENGINEERING: Patricio Pérez, Phone: +56 962297831

CHILE: Ruta H-30 N° 3663, Km. 15, Doñihue, VI Región.

Patio Industrial - Oficina A - Phone: +56 72 2743797

CANADÁ: 24-2000 Panorama Drive, Port Moody

BC Canadá V3H5J5, Phone: +1 (604)2278520